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Pay Less, How


Local drivers for fixed lower fares

Smartzi puts you in touch with available drivers in your area and lets you choose the best fare or the nearest ride. And the price is fixed upfront by your driver. No hidden fees or ticking meters.

No surge or cancellation costs

Other operators charge surge fees during peak traffic hours. Smartzi never will. And if you need to cancel your ride, we won’t charge you a penny. That’s only fair.

Pay by card or cash

Using Smartzi, you can choose to pay with cash or by card. We’re all about flexibility – making life easier for you.

Pre-book your preferred driver

Smartzi lets you pre-book a ride up to three months in advance. You can even book your favorite driver.

Get the ride you want, when you want it and at a fixed price

Earn More, How


£1 per ride set fee

Forget higher percentage commissions. With Smartzi, you pay as you go. No matter how long the journey or how much you charge, you’ll only pay our set nominal fee of £1 per ride and nothing more.

Set your rates that suit you

Smartzi lets you adjust your rates as you like, depending on your needs. Set them lower when you’re nearby or to get more ride requests. Set them higher when you’re busy or further away.

Set your availability

You can choose exactly when and where you want to work. Smartzi works with your schedule and helps you boost your earnings.

Work flexibly

With Smartzi, you’re the boss. You have no limitations and no minimum targets. You can drive for us when you want, and we won’t charge you when you don’t. You can even choose to work on-demand or on a pre-booking basis.

No more higher percentage of commission and pay as you go for £1