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Technology has brought a lot of new options in personal transportation and demand for rides is growing. But the quality of the rider experience is going down. Why? Because increasingly Drivers are treated like machines. Smartzi does the opposite.

Smartzi is an innovative, ethical technology business based in the UK which benefits all. We empower our Drivers to think and behave like business owners.

The result? Better service, lower fares and happier Drivers making more money for their hard work.

Our Philosophy

Like all businesses we love our customers. The difference? Our Riders, who get the lowest fares and great service, are not our only customers… our Drivers are too.

Smartzi works together with Drivers and values them as hard working, talented people. We give our Drivers the Smartzi Pro promotion kit. This includes business cards, low commission rates, the ability to set their own rates and working times, great promotions (like discounted Airport transfers) and a personal code to share to become a ‘Preferred Driver’. And for a preferred driver booking, the commission fee is just £1 per ride!


Better for Riders

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Smartzi gives you low prices because we work locally with drivers to keep our costs low. And we are the most flexible operator in London: App or phone, cash or card, pre-book or on-demand, long trips and short hops.

Best of all we allow you to choose your favourite drivers – up to four drivers chosen by you. So ask for your driver’s code, save them in the App and choose them next time. It is the best compliment you can give and worth much more than a big tip. And it costs you nothing.

Better for Drivers

Private Hire Drivers love Smartzi because they get control over the way they work and can work smarter and make more money. In other words Smartzi treats Drivers fairly - as hard-working, talented individuals, not machines.

Smartzi Pro Drivers can build their own customer base using our toolkit and pay only £1 per ride commission on own customer rides. The Preferred Driver feature allows Drivers to build and manage their own network of customers simply and easily. Personal business cards, special offers and advice on how to win business all combine into a great toolkit for Drivers.

Smartzi is also marketing hard and bringing more and more rides to the platform. We are strong in South West London and growing fast across London.

Proud partners of: Otto Car



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