We help you to become a Businessman

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Free Business Card

When you join Smartzi you will get a free business card with your personal information and drivers number. This number can be used to expand your customer base using the Smartzi app.

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£1 Fee For Your Own Rides

We at Smartzi want you to make more money for hard work and great service. For your personal customer base or preferred driver rides we only charge you a flat rate of £1 per ride.

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Lowest Commission Fee

Drivers deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. We at Smartzi believe that our drivers are our customers, therefore we make sure we have the lowest commission fee in London. This helps you earn more money for your service.

colour blue icon 3 arrows going different directions indicating flexible work environment for drivers

Flexible Work

With Smartzi you're the boss. You have no limitations and no minimum targets. You can drive for us when you want, and we won't charge you if you don't.

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Live Support

Smartzi drivers are our customers. For this reason, we created our live support. You can call Smartzi 24/7 for any assistance needed.

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On-Demand and Pre-Booked Trips

With our Smartzi app, your jobs will be sent immediately to your phone. You can accept a pre-booked ride or on demand.

About Smartzi

Smartzi is a company that mediates between travelers and providers of passenger transport. Smartzi is created to give their drivers a fair chance on creating their own customer network.


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  24/7 Telephone Support
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